If you have fuller thighs (and let’s face it, most of us do) wearing a nice pencil skirt can be a challenge because all it does is accentuate your fuller thighs.

spanx tights

Lucky for us, Spanx has come out with a Spanx tights combo. The tights come in many colors including, classic black, gray, brown,blue, etc. These Spanx tights are soft and have a comfortable waistband that doesn’t dig in. They average a 5 star review on Amazon!. These tights go for about $38 (you will rarely find them cheaper). Buy them on Amazon and you won’t have to pay sales tax (save 7-10% depending where you live), and shipping is free.

Here are snippets from what the reviewers say:

“Best tights I have ever tried” – J. Rush

“I love these tights… They look great under a dress…and I am so particular about the thighs and rubbing…some material does not feel that great. This is sliming, and extremely sturdy. I feel together but not like a sausage in casing…haha.” – Nicole K.

“This product is perfect for us apple-shaped women. No other similar product can compare for fit, durability, and comfort.” – D Lewis

“In my experience, the high waist stays exactly where I want it AND the hose are extremely comfortable–more so than conventional hose simply because there is NO rolling at the waist– the top goes all the way to the bottom of my bra and STAYS there.” …. “After I started wearing this product, so-o-o many people started complimenting me on my appearance and my “new outfits.” {i didn’t buy any new clothes but I did start wearing belts over my jackets and sweaters to emphasize my smaller middle.]” – Texas Reader

“Man oh man…(breathe in, breathe out) Feels good to delete these off my wish list :D!!! Just got them for X-mas & I absolutely adore them so far.” – M. McCullah

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